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Mini Solar Tree


This mini solar tree is called Electree Mini, designed by Vivien Muller. Every leaf is solar panel, and the direction is adjustable. The tree has three batteries. The bottom has USB, you can charge the cell phone, and also light the LED.


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Solar Powered Lamp Like Butterfly

Jang EunHyuk, a South Korean industrial designer, has come up with a concept LED light that runs entirely off-the-grid. Christened Light Bird, the concept light takes inspiration from the feathers of birds to hide solar panels. (more…)

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Solar Window Socket

The solar window stocket is designed by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. You can use is anywhere available to charged with solar energy, such as on an indoor window in a place, a car and a ship, outdoors, etc.

The solar energy supplied for charging is converted into electric energy through a converter. When charging is complete, you can use it anywhere electricity is needed. (more…)

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The Self-Powered Digital Camera

Sun & Cloud is a small self-generating digital camera. Superheadz has made such digital camera. It’s the world’s first digital camera that’s capable of generating its own power so that you don’t need to constantly be worrying about battery drain and recharging.

The “self-powered” camera can utilize both solar and mechanical power. On the top of the camera is solar panel that gathers sunlight to charge. Hence “Sun” in the name.


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How to Reduce Your Gasoline Bill to Zero

15 years ago, Les and his wife Jane bought some land and built our own house on it. They then set out to power their new home with alternative energy. First, they figured out how to build solar panels and then they moved on to wind generators. They needed lots of batteries, of course, to store all this free energy they theyre producing, but they couldn't afford brand new ones. So they had to get a little creative. (more…)

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