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Something About Alternative Energy Power You Home


No matter what type of source you choose to collect or generate electrical energy, there are some things that are essential before you can use this energy to power your home. Sure we all want to be free of the monthly bills that seem to increase each month, but before you can do that you must have a system already installed to generate, store and then convert the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) that your household appliances and gadgets utilize.


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Solar Powered Lamp Like Butterfly

Jang EunHyuk, a South Korean industrial designer, has come up with a concept LED light that runs entirely off-the-grid. Christened Light Bird, the concept light takes inspiration from the feathers of birds to hide solar panels. (more…)

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Solar Impulse Plane Start fly

Solar Impulse, a program based out of Switzerland aims to fly around the world in a solar plane. Their next big step is an international flight from Payerne Switzerland to Brussels Belgium, a 500 km soar.

The carbon fiber Solar Impulse HB-SIA Plane has a 63.4 meter (208 feet) wingspan (equal to the Airbus A340) holds an array of over 11000 solar cells evenly distributed across the top of the wings and the horizontal stabilizer.   That’s over 2000 square feet of solar panels up in the air.  These collect as much solar energy during the day as possible and stores that energy into ultra lightweight battery packs, the plane wings are made of carbon fibre to reduce weight while increasing strength and stability.

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Why Choose Solar Power Energy

The solar energy has many advantages. It's coming from the sun that is alternative to the fossil fuels. Below are the main features of utilizing solar energy and how they help you.

High Profit of Investment

Firstly, panels and their parts are expensive. But since the energy from the sun is free and available, the money is saved in the long run. If you break even, energy after that is free hence you enjoy a good return of investment. You can even sell excess electricity. The most governments also supply about 20% to 30% rebates upon initial purchase of solar energy system, that make the technology even more affordable.

Low Cost

As technology develop, the costs of panels are gradually reduce until it will become much more attainable for the normal family. At the same time the fossil fuels cost have steeply risen in the few years, solar energy is becoming increasingly cost-efficient. This is one of the solar advantages.

Easy Maintenance

Aside from eliminating harmful environmental pollution, solar energy advantages also cover noise-free pollution. Energy is absorbed in complete silence since panels do not have noisy generators or motors to rely on. They have no moving parts as well. It only require occasional maintenance or periodic inspection. When the panels are set-up, they can use for decades with zero costs.

Environmental Friendly

Nowadays, we are greatly experiencing the effects of global warming due to the harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions of fuel-heating to our atmosphere. Panels require nothing else but the sun. Therefore energy is completely clean and without inflicting damage to the environment. All we have to do is find ways to convert the energy into electricity.

Health Benefits

It does not produce smog, acid rain, global warming or any other forms of pollution attributed to the burning of fossil fuels which are very harmful not only to the plants, but to animals and on us human beings as well. Respiratory diseases and impaired eyesight are common results in countries where kerosene and candles are still used for domestic heating and lighting. Shifting to solar energy can save us from future uncertainties.

Suitable for Remote Locations

There are remote areas where power lines cannot be installed, but since sunlight is widely available and completely free energy can power up these locations. Cabins, sailboats, RV's, and some poor areas across the world can greatly benefit from the natural energy of the sunlight to power their electricity demands. In some countries, panels manufacture and installation are becoming essential sources for local employment. Furthermore, since electricity is produced by the sun and is completely independent from the traditional power sources, homeowners are not affected by rolling brownouts.

There's no question that we must take a major shift in how we power up our Mother Earth. Alas, many solar energy advantages are often disregarded particularly because of the high initial cost of panel installation. But if you are enough driven, you can surely find ways to cut the cost of panels to your convenience.

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