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Something About Alternative Energy Power You Home


No matter what type of source you choose to collect or generate electrical energy, there are some things that are essential before you can use this energy to power your home. Sure we all want to be free of the monthly bills that seem to increase each month, but before you can do that you must have a system already installed to generate, store and then convert the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) that your household appliances and gadgets utilize.


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Solar Powered Lamp Like Butterfly

Jang EunHyuk, a South Korean industrial designer, has come up with a concept LED light that runs entirely off-the-grid. Christened Light Bird, the concept light takes inspiration from the feathers of birds to hide solar panels. (more…)

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Solar Impulse Plane Start fly

Solar Impulse, a program based out of Switzerland aims to fly around the world in a solar plane. Their next big step is an international flight from Payerne Switzerland to Brussels Belgium, a 500 km soar.


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Why Choose Solar Power Energy

The solar energy has many advantages. It's coming from the sun that is alternative to the fossil fuels. Below are the main features of utilizing solar energy and how they help you.

High Profit of Investment

Firstly, panels and their parts are expensive. But since the energy from the sun is free and available, the money is saved in the long run. If you break even, energy after that is free hence you enjoy a good return of investment. You can even sell excess electricity. The most governments also supply about 20% to 30% rebates upon initial purchase of solar energy system, that make the technology even more affordable.


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