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Robot Walk the Dog


RoboDynamics Luna is a robot, she can help you walk the dog. This robot has Linux systems, WiFi, touch screen, camera, microphone, speaker and App store.


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Small Robot Challenge Triathlon


This small robot named Evolta, only palm size, was manufactured by Panasonnic. Evolta will be powered by three batteries, complete swim, bike, and running. Total is 230 kilometers. Including riding a mini bike and ran in a circle. It is reported that maybe need one week to complete task.


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The Kangaroo Robot

Kangaroo-RobotThis kangaroo robot is made by German company Festo. Only a small battery can drive and control this robot. The most driving force is from springs.


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How to Make a Solar Top Robot (3)

The rest work is the final assembly. Then test the robot under the sunshine. The normal situation is after LED flashing, the motor drive the entire robot.

The following are possible problems and solutions:

1. The motor turn a while then stop, the circuit will not work.

The motor electrical sensitivity is too high, try a parallel across the hundreds of ohms resistance.

2. The motor does not work, LED does not flash.

Solar panel voltage is too low, or wiring errors.

3. LED light is not flashing, the circuit is not triggered.

Try use the opaque tape shrink tube wrapped LED.

4. The motor hissing sound, but not to rotator.

Energy storage capacitor is too large, try to reduce the energy storage.

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How to Make a Solar Top Robot (1)

Make a Robot is not easy, but also not very difficult. Here we start from an easy example – Solar Top. It has below function:

1. Rotator under sunshine

2. Come back if meet Obstacle

3. Keep stay in no sunshine place.

This is a simple automatic robot. It don't need people maintance. The life is depend on the environment and mechanical wear. The parts cost is very low.

The following is the parts you need:

1. Clip  6 units

2. Mini Motor  1 unit

3. capacitor  3 units

4. NPN Triode  1 unit

5. PNP Triode  1 unit

6. 2.2K resistance  1 unit

7. LED light   1 unit

8. Some Wire

9. Small Solar Panel( >4V, 10mA)    1 unit

10. Some Solder Wire

11. Perforated Board 1 unit

Below is the robot circuit diagram:

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