Solar Window Socket

The solar window stocket is designed by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. You can use is anywhere available to charged with solar energy, such as on an indoor window in a place, a car and a ship, outdoors, etc.

The solar energy supplied for charging is converted into electric energy through a converter. When charging is complete, you can use it anywhere electricity is needed. Continue reading

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Small Portable Wind Turbine

Wind energy offers clean, abundant electricity and has become one of the fastest growing sources of energy around the world. This Small Portable Wind Turbine is a good example to learning about this technology.

This small wind turbine is made by high quality, low start torque, customized Mini DC Motor. It now uses a 15” long propeller that performs better in all wind conditions. These units are more versatile than other wind turbines currently on the market. Continue reading

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The Self-Powered Digital Camera

Sun & Cloud is a small self-generating digital camera. Superheadz has made such digital camera. It’s the world’s first digital camera that’s capable of generating its own power so that you don’t need to constantly be worrying about battery drain and recharging.

The “self-powered” camera can utilize both solar and mechanical power. On the top of the camera is solar panel that gathers sunlight to charge. Hence “Sun” in the name.

Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Produce Energy Even No Wind

apple-wind-turbineWhat happens when the wind doesn’t blow”? Apple, usually a maker of products that consume energy, recently filed for a patent that may answer that question once and for all. The tech giant’s latest patent details a wind turbine that generates electricity from heat energy rather than rotational energy created by the rotation of the unit’s blades. According to the patent, this could allow wind energy to be stored in a “low-heat capacity fluid” which could then be tapped on an as-needed basis, i.e. whenever the wind dies down. Continue reading

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The Great Solar Waterfall


The swiss company Rafaa has proposed building a 345-foot solar waterfall that will provide power to the city of Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games in 2016. Continue reading

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