What is the difference between a single phase generator and a three phase generator

The construction of any generator there is a displacement of three coils de-fazed in space, on a circle with 120 geometrical degrees. There will be at a certain rotational speed of the rotor against the static coils on the stator, an electric current called alternative, or AC. Unlike continuous current, the c.c. is changing its polarity many times a second. This changing in polarity is called the frequency of AC. This is measured in Hertz. Continue reading

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Soccer Ball Can Generate Electricity

Soccket is a soccer ball that harnesses energy with every kick and volley it gets. A pendulum inside the ball swings when the ball moves, generating clean energy for a rechargeable battery stored inside. According to uncharted Play, thirty minutes of play translates into three hours of light from its companion LED lamp. Continue reading

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Solar Powered Lamp Like Butterfly

Jang EunHyuk, a South Korean industrial designer, has come up with a concept LED light that runs entirely off-the-grid. Christened Light Bird, the concept light takes inspiration from the feathers of birds to hide solar panels. Continue reading

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Hand Crank Controlled RC Car

There are remote controlled cars and then there are the hand-cranked RC cars which don’t require any battery power but the power of your hand to move.

This toy car called EDASH has a unique hand cranked remote control that moves it either forward backwards in left or right direction depend on the hand-cranked power you put-in. Continue reading

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The world’s first mobile phone powered by urine

Mobile phone owners could soon be able to give their batteries a boost with their own urine.

British scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory have developed a way of using urine as a power source to generate electricity and claim to have created the world's first microbial fuel cells (MFC) powered mobile phone. Continue reading

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