Human Power Energy Save the World

Nowadays, the main energy people use is from the oil and coal. These produce the huge electricity, but also produce the serious pollution, such as Acid rain, greenhouse etc. According to the present consumption rate, the coal can only be maintained 100 years, the oil can only be maintained over 80 years.

People are aware that over-reliance on fossil fuels is unwise, So people develop some clean energy, wind energy, solor energy, hydro energy etc.  Because of the technology limitations, these energy are still not perfect.

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Solar Powered Racing Car

The “World Solar Challenge, the world’s most important race for solar Mobile, across the Australian desert in the north of Darwin to Adelaide leads. On Sunday, 22 international teams continued their solar generators equipped with high-tech racer in motion. 3010 kilometers through Gluthitze were before them.

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Geothermal Energy Produce Electricity

Conventional electric plants are fairly simple devices when all is said and done.  Most use coal, natural gas or oil to heat water, the water creates steam, and the steam turns a huge electric turbine. 

The nice thing about geothermal energy is that it is easily adapted to this type of electrical generation.  The advantage is that there is no need to use fuel to heat the water to create steam, the water is already heated, sometimes to steam level, by geothermal processes. 

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Crossing the Atlantic in a pedal-powered submarine

An attempt to cross the Atlantic ocean in a pedal-powered submarine.

Thanks to a team of French engineers, the world has the pedal-powered submarine. The mini-sub, nicknamed the Scubster is entirely human-powered and is designed so that the driver only has to pedal to propel it underwater.

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Mini Hydro System–Portable Turbine Generator

The Mini Hydro System is a portable generator kit that charges a power-pack from the flow of water. The turbine part of the generator is stuck into the river bed, and the flow of the river drives the turbine. A thick wire then leads back into the power pack to charge it up.

The Mini Hydro System is designed to be an eco-friendly generator pack for remote power requirements. Of course, you’ll need to be near a river to make use of it.

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