Wireless Charging Make Electric Cars Get Power at Any time, Any where

Not like recent vehicles, the electric cars emits zero harmful carbon pollution. Because electric car is powered by electricity, that's really environment-friendly. And drivers also can save a lot of money on gasoline.

Equivalent price for a 27 mile-per-gallon conventional vehicle and a plug-in electric vehicle with 0.34 kilowatt-hour-per-mile efficiency.  Data source: Energy Information Administration.

Electric cars are fantastic: environment-friendly, money saving, instant torque, one moving part, and easy maintenance. But why in the real world there are few electric cars run on the road? Because the electric cars have a biggest weakness — Battery Charging Time.

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Sweat Become Drinking Water

A machine that takes sweat-laden clothes and turns the moisture into drinking water is in use in Sweden.

The device spins and heats the material to remove the sweat, and then passes the vapour through a special membrane designed to only let water molecules get through.

Since its Monday launch, its creators say more than 1,000 people have "drunk other's sweat" in Gothenburg. Continue reading

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Brazilian Mechanic Uses Plastic Water Bottles to Light Home

A Brazilian mechanic has invented a way of lighting his house during the day without relying on electricity.

Alfredo Moser has been using plastic bottles filled up with water and a splash of bleach to illuminate dark rooms since 2002 and now the idea has now spread across the world.

It is predicted that his lighting system, which works using refraction of sunlight, will be fitted in over a million homes by the end of this year. Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla Free Energy Device is Finally Exposed After One Century

In 1934, Nikola Tesla had made a shocking announcement: “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities, it can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuel.”

If you pay for electricity, you've been hit hard by high energy prices. And, if you're like most people, you're thinking… there's got to be a better way. A better way to heat your home. A better way to use electricity without spending a fortune, a better way to get save on your electricity bill. Continue reading

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Solar Powered Tumble Dryer

Miele has just announced a solar tumble dryer that is good for the clothes and the environment.

This dryer uses the solar energy to heat air for drying clothing. It is connected to a home’s central heating system, which in turn is linked to a solar-thermal rooftop array. This allows it to have an best energy efficiency rating, which is up to 80% more efficient than competing clothes dryers. Continue reading

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