How to Build Your Own Water Turbine For Home

If you live in the city, it's not good idea to make your own water powered generator. Because we have no natural river or stream running downhill from us. However, if you live in the country and have own land that may have stream on it, it is not easy to harness power and produce electricity. Below is what you will need and how to hook it all up.

What you will need:

Small River or Stream, Small Generator, Pipe Excavating equipment, Turbine, Board and batten shed, Electric Wire.

Of course the first thing you will need to do is to find that fast flowing river or stream that has a steep slope somewhere near your place where you will need to install your water wheel or turbine.

You will then need to take the penstock pipe and make sure that you reduce it's grade as you go. By reducing the grade you will make the water increase in it's velocity when it moves down the pipe.

You will then need to use the excavating equipment and remove soil so that the shaft of water wheel or turbine will have something solid to actually fix. Then you will mount the generator right along side the turbine. You will then install the turbine in place so the water will be falling down from the pipe will be able to spin your turbine.

After the turbine is mounted you will need to fix it to the small generator. Ensure that the generator is situated so that it is in no danger of getting water logged. You will need to build a little shed that will be around your generator in order to protect it from the weather. You can just do a standard board and batten type construction for the shed. Make sure that it either has a tin or shingle roof on it. This kind of a construction should work perfectly for what you need it to do.

After you complete all, you can hook up the electrical system in your house.

Here is one thing that you need to know is water is not always considered a renewable source when the water dry, so it's not a good idea to completely rely on the water power. You should find another way to power your home if the river dry.

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