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Small Portable Wind Turbine

Small Portable Wind Turbine GeneratorWind energy offers clean, abundant electricity and has become one of the fastest growing sources of energy around the world. This Small Portable Wind Turbine is a good example to learning about this technology.

This small wind turbine is made by high quality, low start torque, customized Mini DC Motor. It now uses a 15” long propeller that performs better in all wind conditions. These units are more versatile than other wind turbines currently on the market. (more…)

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Wind Turbine Produce Energy Even No Wind

apple-wind-turbineWhat happens when the wind doesn’t blow”? Apple, usually a maker of products that consume energy, recently filed for a patent that may answer that question once and for all. The tech giant’s latest patent details a wind turbine that generates electricity from heat energy rather than rotational energy created by the rotation of the unit’s blades. According to the patent, this could allow wind energy to be stored in a “low-heat capacity fluid” which could then be tapped on an as-needed basis, i.e. whenever the wind dies down. (more…)

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The World First Floating Wind Turbine

The Hywind concept combines known technologies in a completely new setting and opens up the possibility for capturing wind energy in deep-water environments. The core expertise acquired by Statoil as a leading operator of offshore oil and gas fields has played a very important part in the development of the Hywind concept.

The floating structure consists of a steel cylinder filled with a ballast of water and rocks. It extends 100 metres beneath the sea’s surface and is attached to the seabed by a three-point mooring spread.

The primary intention of the demo concept was not to derive revenues from the power generated by Hywind, but to test how wind and waves affect the structure. Hywind has generated 15 MWh of production since startup in 2010. Statoil will continue to test throughout 2011 and 2012 in order to gain further data for optimising the next generation of Hywind. The goal now is to commercialise the concept, by developing a supplier market to reduce costs so that floating wind power can compete in the energy market.

As the Hywind concept is perfectly adapted to deep waters close to large power consumption regions throughout the world, combined with a unique ability of flexible location choice provides considerable market opportunities.  The expertise gained through the demo turbine, combined with the group’s financial strength and innovative ability, puts Statoil in a good position to develop this this technology into to a cost competitive offshore wind concept.

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Micro Wind Turbines Light the Night

A new small breed, high power wind turbines could potentially bring efficient wind power.

This wind turbine is designed by inventor Doug Selsam, the new turbines have rotors just 14-18 inches in diameter, but can produce 200 watts in a 20MPH wind, and much more than that at higher wind speeds.

The trick is using high-strength carbon-fiber materials that allow several rotors to be hooked up as one — in strong winds a thirteen-rotor system can produce enough juice to blow out a bank of car headlights "like flashbulbs."

That's pretty impressive  especially since the system is light and balanced enough to be held up with one hand. No word on when or how we might see these hit the public, but we can see some pretty sweet applications — laptops in the park.

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Balcony Wind and Solar Energy

In July, we did a post on a new high-rise, London's Strata SE1, which has been touted as the world's first skyscraper to have electricity-generating wind turbines built into its core design. The building stands 42 stories high, and, at that height, 40 mph winds are a near constant. Moving forward, why would anyone design skyscrapers that didn’t develop that idea? Of course, there are a lot of existing high-rises that were built before the idea of renewable energy was a driving force of design. Enter industrial designer Jonathan Globerson, who has come up with a renewable energy generator called the Greenerator that can turn your high-rise apartment into a mini renewable energy farm.

The Greenerator has a vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels and can be installed on balconies. Globerson believes the Greenerator could provide enough supplemental renewable energy to power your computer or other appliances, reduce your electricity bills by 6% and save 2000 lbs of CO2 emissions annually.

We're excited about the broader implications of this type of portable energy generator.

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