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Something About Alternative Energy Power You Home


No matter what type of source you choose to collect or generate electrical energy, there are some things that are essential before you can use this energy to power your home. Sure we all want to be free of the monthly bills that seem to increase each month, but before you can do that you must have a system already installed to generate, store and then convert the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) that your household appliances and gadgets utilize.


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What is the difference between a single phase generator and a three phase generator

The construction of any generator there is a displacement of three coils de-fazed in space, on a circle with 120 geometrical degrees. There will be at a certain rotational speed of the rotor against the static coils on the stator, an electric current called alternative, or AC. Unlike continuous current, the c.c. is changing its polarity many times a second. This changing in polarity is called the frequency of AC. This is measured in Hertz. (more…)

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How to Change Your Vehicle to an Electric Car

Do you want to never pay for gas again? Here is a book to tell you how to convert your car to run an electric motor. (more…)

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The Shard stands tall over London

The tallest building in Europe was completed in London. The 95-storey, 310m ‘Shard’ now soars over the city’s skyline.

The lofty building has been steadily erected on the south bank of the River Thames near London Bridge. Funded by Qatari financiers, the spectacular structure is both loved and reviled. (more…)

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Some software for wind turbine design and operation

As a new energy in recent years, wind power has been widespread concern in the world, Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries have many successful experiences, and proceed to build more large-scale wind farm. In the process of design, construction and operation of wind farms, that requires a lot of manpower and resources, the software is an important tool for design and operation. (more…)

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