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Soccer Ball Can Generate Electricity

Soccket is a soccer ball that harnesses energy with every kick and volley it gets. A pendulum inside the ball swings when the ball moves, generating clean energy for a rechargeable battery stored inside. According to uncharted Play, thirty minutes of play translates into three hours of light from its companion LED lamp. (more…)

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Hand Crank Controlled RC Car

There are remote controlled cars and then there are the hand-cranked RC cars which don’t require any battery power but the power of your hand to move.

This toy car called EDASH has a unique hand cranked remote control that moves it either forward backwards in left or right direction depend on the hand-cranked power you put-in. (more…)

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The Self-Powered Digital Camera

Sun & Cloud is a small self-generating digital camera. Superheadz has made such digital camera. It’s the world’s first digital camera that’s capable of generating its own power so that you don’t need to constantly be worrying about battery drain and recharging.

The “self-powered” camera can utilize both solar and mechanical power. On the top of the camera is solar panel that gathers sunlight to charge. Hence “Sun” in the name.


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The Rocking Chair Can Charge the iPhone

The Micasa Lab form Zurich design a rocking chair that can charge the iPhone and iPad.  Connect iPad to the power socke of handrail, rocking the chair to charge the battery. One hour can charge the 35% electricity. The back of chair have two 25W loudspeaker, that can be taken as  external speaker. (more…)

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Use your body to charge your gadgets

Could your body replace mobile-device batteries? Researchers have developed a way to create the power equivalent of two double-A batteries, using nothing more than motion of the human body.

Anything from walking to a standing heartbeat could produce energy that is captured and used by nanogenerators, according to a team of scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology. This research, presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, demonstrated how a small, flexible chip containing millions of tiny wires—500 times thinner than a human hair—could use the human heart to create electrical energy. The researchers used a nanogenerator to power an LED light and LCD display.


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