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Wireless Charging Make Electric Cars Get Power at Any time, Any where

Not like recent vehicles, the electric cars emits zero harmful carbon pollution. Because electric car is powered by electricity, that's really environment-friendly. And drivers also can save a lot of money on gasoline.

Equivalent price for a 27 mile-per-gallon conventional vehicle and a plug-in electric vehicle with 0.34 kilowatt-hour-per-mile efficiency.  Data source: Energy Information Administration.

Electric cars are fantastic: environment-friendly, money saving, instant torque, one moving part, and easy maintenance. But why in the real world there are few electric cars run on the road? Because the electric cars have a biggest weakness — Battery Charging Time.


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3D Model of Fetus Is Offered In Japan

Expectant parents in Japan who can't wait to show the world what their baby will look like can now buy a 3D model of the fetus to pass around their friends.

The 3.6-inch resin model of the white foetus, encased in a transparent block in the shape of the mother's body, is fashioned by a 3D printer after an MRI scan. (more…)

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Wires and Batteries Will Soon Be Things of Past

No more batteries, no more chargers and no more wire spaghetti. This is the future promised by “wireless power”, a means of broadcasting electricity through the air to laptops, iPods and other gadgets without the need for cables and sockets. (more…)

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